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home for college events

This is a django based website that help users in making college events and participating in them.

Present Functionality:

  1. Signin with Google and vanilla Django account.
  2. Can participate in other college events without leaving the site.
  3. Can make new events based on category.
  4. Users have option to make an event public or limit it to their own college.
  5. Event organizer can download information of all the participants.

Future Functionality:

  1. Accept payments via various payment gateways in India.
  2. Can have discussions around an event.
  3. Organizers can make annoucements to their event participants.
  4. Make available online screening tests.

Are you interested in helping out? Make a pull request or open an issue. If you have any ideas about website functionality, contact us at [email protected]

You may use the code for your purpose but cannot copy this idea entirely.